Life Lessons

It is now 10 pm, I’m sitting in bed on my laptop with my daughter sleeping peacefully beside me.  This blog is suppose to be a therapeutic release for me. An avenue to express myself and my feelings. I’m not really sure who will see this or if it is just for my eyes.

You see I am a  46 year old  divorced woman with a toddler. My divorce is fairly new. I’ve gone thru the grieving process of dealing with the loss of my marriage. I’m dealing with the feelings of inadequacy, failure, low self esteem, self loathing, etc. The one emotion I can’t get past is the feeling of  guilt. I carry the guilt of breaking up my daughter’s home. She is the one that is suffering the most. She does not deserve this, this isn’t what she asked for. So I carry it every day, every where I go.

Guilt… what I carry in my heart.

I’m on the road to self discovery. Trying to see myself with new eyes. I’m trying to see my self that God the Most High sees me.

I’m slowly getting myself together.  I’m taking one day at a time, setting goals, spending time with loved ones, ignoring negative people, loving on my baby and most importantly when those negative feelings start to surface, I take a deep breath and just let go. I take a deep breathe and try and reflect on all the good that is in my life.

Please be patient with me. There is more to come as I embark on this journey of self discovery.

~Happiness is not a destination but a journey~